Welcome, Gilplum! Plus new letters…

This week, we welcome Gilplum, whose Sim Marisol Vega has become Dove Singer’s new penpal. We have letters from Dove and Marisol sent this week.

We also have letters from Newt and Norm, Kaitlin and Meadow, Emily and Gentian, and Anya and Seth.

If you’ve been reading the Pen Pal project for a while, we’d love to hear about your experience reading the letters:

  • Do the letters tell a story?
  • Do you get to know the characters?
  • If the letters are written by Sims in an ongoing story, what do the letters contribute to the overall story?
  • If the letters are written by Sims who aren’t in ongoing stories, do you feel you get complete stories through the letters?

Please feel free to answer here or at the Pen Pal Project thread at the EA Sims Forums.