Letters with a Big Punch

Sometimes, the letters our Sims write pack a big emotional impact. That’s how I felt after reading Newt’s letter to Norman this week. Having to reply to a letter like that caused me to think.

In this way, as we ponder responses to these letters, our engagement with them and the issues they present becomes deeper. If I were interacting with Newt’s letter solely as a reader, I would be able put it out of my mind and not grapple with the weight of Newt’s confession. Thinking of Norman’s reply, however, caused me to face these issues. What would I do if a friend of mine confessed that he or she abused his or her spouse or partner?

I did some research to see what a responsible reply might be. I consulted my heart. Instead of turning away from this tough issue, I turned towards it.

The letters we exchange invite us to do this, to turn towards each other and each other’s stories. We engage with ideas, issues, and emotions we might not otherwise. Maybe this is one of the best aspects of collaboration. Maybe this is how we come up with something more and something better than we’d do on our own.

How has collaboration inspired and pushed you to turn towards ideas and issues you might otherwise turn away from?