Finding Time to Write

We’re busy folks: We work (some of us at two jobs); we go to school (some of us are graduating); we have families (some of whom need extra attention right now); we have friends (some of whom want to meet us for coffee, tea, or a movie); we have all sorts of obligations which add up to all sorts of hours, and we have all kinds of hobbies which take up all kinds of creative energy. And we play the Sims. And we write other stories.

And we still find time to write letters for the Pen Pal Project.

How do we do it?

When it comes to writing letters to distant family, friends, or pen pals, many people say they just don’t have time. But if we can find time to write letters from our Sims to other Sims, then surely other busy people can find time to write letters to other people.

Perhaps it’s not a question of finding time.

We carve out time for our pen pal letters because they’re important to us: they’re integral parts of our creative projects. We use them to tell or develop a story, to explore characters, and to stretch our writing. We write them because they fit into what we’re currently investigating through our SimLit.

Maybe those who want to write letters to people they know can view their letters as part of their creative lives, rather than obligations. How can that letter to your sister help you explore the ways that gardening connects you to your family of origin? How can that card to your friend from high school help you reflect on ways you’ve both grown, yet stayed connected?

When a project–even letter-writing–scratches a creative itch, then it becomes something that we need to find time for, or else our mind won’t let us rest.


Question for the Week: How do you find time for your creative projects, including the Pen Pal Project and other writing activities?