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(sweetnightingale’s blogs are interconnected, featuring many of the same Sims in each)

Another World

As Tears Go By

Colors of Loving

Forever In Time

Marooned: The Island of Woe

Pen Pal Project

Participating Sims:

  1. Alina McIntyre: Alina and Jasper’s Letters
  2. Gentian Moore: Emily and Gentian’s Letters
  3. Lenora Landgraab
  4. Liam Kelly
  5. Mathilda Kelly: Giuliana and Mathilda’s Letters
  6. Tara McBeth: Lori/Callie and Tara’s Letters
  7. Terrill Maldonado: Leroy and Terrill’s Letters

I live in a small town in the Midwest (no, I’m not singing “Mr. Tanner” although I love that song) and am just your average, everyday Jane. Well, my real name is Sharon, not Jane, but average and every day pretty much suits.

I’m married (we’ll be celebrating 24 years this coming Octover), have a grown daughter, and am owned by three dogs. I’m visually impaired, so my Golden Retriever, Caleb, is a working boy and gets to go everywhere with me.



This is Caleb. 🙂 Now you know what he likes to do when he’s not working.

I’m fairly new to The Sims. I say this even though I’ve been playing since the end of 2011 just after the Pets Expansion Pack was released for Sims 3. I wasn’t one who’d been playing since the original game because, well, I’d never heard of Sims before. You’re probably asking what rock I’ve been living under, right? Anyway, I stumbled upon Sims quite by accident. Oh, I’d often heard/seen someone talk about “making a Sim” of so-and-so. I thought a Sim was just another name for an avatar and believed that making a Sim was using some sort of character generator.

Well, I was looking for just that – a character generator. I’m one of those people who likes having an actual picture of a character I’m working with and had been on the hunt for a good generator. I went on a search on YouTube and found The Sims 3. Again, I just thought it was a charater generator and nothing more. You can imagine my reaction as I watched more videos and saw that it was an actual game! I was intrigued and watched more and more videos. The more I watched, the more I wanted it. That led me to one of the funnest shopping sprees I’d ever had on Amazon where I bought all the current Expansion and Stuff Packs (again, Pets had just been released). I installed it and needless to say, I was hooked. I subsequently bought everything for Sims 2, Sims Medieval, the original Sims, and other Sims related games. Plus, I eventually bought out the Sims 3 store. 😀 I think it goes without saying that I now do the same for Sims 4.

I began making Sims Let’s Plays around Christmastime of 2011. I still make videos but now, the focus has shifted to showing “Where Are They Now?” videos for my former LP families and current household videos. You can find my Sims YouTube channel here.

As I said, my focus has shifted to using Sims as a writing tool. I started writing SimLit in 2014 and haven’t looked back. For that, I use Sims 3, which will always be my go-to game. I love all the options for poses, the amount of things we actually have in the game, and there is gorgeous CC to take advantage of.

My stories often have a lot of romance in them, and I LOVE writing about supernatural/fantasy themes. It’s my way of escapting the boredom of the mundane. As stated above, my story blogs are connected due to the “crossover” element. With having several legacies going, I have a lot of room to just play and explore different things. I’ve been told before that I ought to own stock in the Kleenex company because I have this knack of making folks cry. Along with the romance, I put my characters through a lot of angst/sorrow and love writing their reactions and feelings about what they are going through. My biggest strength as a writer, I feel, is characters and character development. I feel that if you don’t have a good character foundation, the story can/will fall apart easily.

When I’m not Simming or writing, I’m usually doing something Lions Club related. My husband and I are active Lions Club members and have been for eons. 🙂 We are also big fountain pen enthusiasts and collectors and both of us have over 200 pens in our personal collections. Yes, collections – he has his and I have mine.

I am a semi-professional singer and perform for different events when the opportunity arises. I’ve taught voice, flute, and beginning piano lessons and have sang with a semi-professional choral group since 2013. Other things I enjoy are reading, journal keeping, knitting & crocheting, scrapbooking, and adult coloring. I have another YouTube channel here that has videos on several topics: coloring, fountain pens, journals, hauls, and more.

Well, that’s probably more than you want to know, but there it is anyway. Oh, one last tidbit. The picture you see at the top of the page is my SimSelf. Who is the handsome man, you ask? Well, that is Elvis and me. 😀 Yep, I married “The King” and let us just say, we make beautiful music together. 🙂

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